A Prophetic View: The Gentile Aliyah Epidemic

Nathan Lopes Cardozo

vrijdag 27 november 2015

Israel will be facing an unprecedented crisis that will shake its very foundations. And its leaders are completely oblivious to it.

We will soon have to expand our borders far beyond our wildest dreams – this time at the request of millions of Europeans, Americans and possibly many others who will wish to come on Aliyah.

As Europe is disintegrating before our very eyes, it’s only a matter of time before more and more Europeans will be seeking safer havens. And where else would they want to go but Israel?

It is obvious that such emigration is drawing near. Since the Holocaust, Europe has been going downhill. It allowed the murder of six million Jews, thereby destroying many of its most dedicated citizens, a large part of its culture, and some of its most gifted physicians, scientists, artists, thinkers and business people who contributed to its flourishing culture as well as to its domestic and international trade. Millions of its gentile inhabitants were wiped out as well, and what remained was an impoverished and miserable continent. There is merit to the claim made by some that Europe died in Auschwitz.

In its attempt to rebuild itself, Europe worked hard to revive its economy and re-invent its culture. It tried to turn the tide and remove from its midst any form of racist ideologies. To accomplish this, it had to become multicultural and put nearly no limits on its immigration quota. Europeans have therefore justifiably invited many emigrants from war-torn and impoverished countries, thus unwittingly allowing ISIS and other radical organizations to settle in their cities and organize terrorist attacks with the clear goal of bringing Europe to its knees. Motivated by panic and fear of retaliation, European leaders have lost all sense of proportion and are now doomed to pay the price.

Paris is on fire, Amsterdam and London will soon experience their own terrorist attacks, and no European will be able to walk the streets safely. Brussels just shut down its metro system and schools, warning people to avoid crowds because of a “serious and imminent threat of coordinated, multiple attacks by terrorists.” Clubs, cafes, and restaurants closed their doors, and it won’t be long before we see large army battalions walking through every major city in Europe, followed by the shutting down of airports and other major public venues. Eventually, all normal life will be disrupted, and societies will no longer be able to function.

The United States did not learn its lesson from 9/11 and has paved the way for the Iranian nuclear bomb. Only several days before the Paris attacks, President Obama informed the world that ISIS was contained, if not totally defeated!

The most astonishing fact is that the Israeli government has been alerting the world for years that this would happen. It warned that if terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and others in the Middle East would not be completely neutralized, their lethal intentions would be carried out in Europe and the United States, after which they would spread their deadly tentacles to all corners of the earth.

But instead of heeding these words, many world leaders have decided that the only way to stop the terrorists is for Israel to cease building a few housing projects in Judea and Samaria. These leaders refuse to admit that the Palestinians would have had their state years ago had they simply stopped indoctrinating their children with hate against Jews and accepted the tiny, peaceful State of Israel that dwells in their midst.

On top of that, Europe has decided to boycott Israeli products coming from what it refers to as “the occupied territories. ”Fooling themselves into believing that this is the solution to all the devastatingly lethal global problems, they use it as a pretext to cover up their own horrendous mistakes, and it has now become standard procedure. It doesn’t seem to bother the Europeans in the least that their boycotts harm the Palestinians working in the West Bank more than they harm the Israelis.

Europe thought it could continue to live in peace by tranquilizing itself. Out of a desperate need to deny the truth, it has utterly misconstrued the nature of its enemies and has by now exposed its countries to dangers so deadly that it will be impossible to stop them by any means.

Unfortunately, Europe and the United States will not fight back, no matter how many times they announce their intentions to create a so-called “global front.” Everyone knows that once things calm down – nothing more than a tactic on the terrorists’ part – they will decide that no further action is necessary and will return to their former comatose state, only to be awakened when disastrous events, much greater than the ones they have experienced until now, will suddenly befall them, shocking their leaders and overwhelming all Europeans by causing multiple, heavy casualties.

When that happens, Europeans will throw up their hands in despair and look for an alternative place to live. Americans, too, will want to move and settle in more peaceful countries. They will come to the conclusion that of all the Western world countries Israel is the only place where they will find the tranquility they desperately desire. The reason is obvious: Israel is the only country possessing the combination of know-how and willingness to fight its enemies head-on and is prepared, if necessary, to go all the way. Precisely because of Israel’s long and ongoing experience with terrorism, there is a smooth-running synergy between its citizens and security forces when terrorists strike. With rare exceptions, people maintain equilibrium under immense pressure. For this reason, Israel is safer than many other countries.

And so, to everyone’s surprise, Israel will be THE destination. As when an epidemic strikes, people will want to pack their bags and move here.

But this will require a major shift in the European attitude toward Jews. Instead of hating us, Europeans and Americans will investigate their lineage and by hook or by crook will suddenly “find” that they are actually of Jewish descent, as in the case of the many anusim (conversos) today in Spain and Portugal.

Millions will apply to Israeli embassies and claim that on the basis of the Law of Return they have a right to live in Israel. Even committed Anti-Semites will “discover” their Jewish ancestry, and an entire black market of Jewish pedigree documents will appear.

El Al will immediately have to order a myriad of aircrafts to accommodate all these immigrants, since nobody will want to fly any other airline because of safety and security issues.

More and more people will leave Europe, once again turning it into a continent devoid of capable men and women they so desperately need to carve out their future. All those men and women will be on their way to Israel.

When this prophetic vision actualizes, the Mashiach will be on his way to ensure that all goes well. A daunting task! May he succeed.

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Waar kun je volgens Tenach de Ware Profeet aan herkennen? AAan het feit dat zijn (of haar) profetie uitkomt. Daar zullen we in dit geval nog een tijd op moeten wachten. Tot nu toe zijn er (ook na nine-eleven) meer Israelische Joden naar de V.S. vertrokken, dan er niet-joodse Amerikanen naar Israel zijn gekomen. Canada, Australie en Nieuw-Zeeland lijken me voor niet-joodse Europeanen aantrekkelijker immigratielanden...

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