David Roberts: De vernietiging van Jeruzalem in 70 AD, 1850

What brought down Biblical Israel?

A Critical view of Jewish Leadership - opening event

For centuries Jews and non-Jews were taught that the ancient kingdoms of Israel were brought down by foreign invaders – the biblical kingdoms by Assyria and Babylonia and the post-biblical kingdom by Rome.
Reality was actually more complex, according to Amotz Asa-El. In fact, ancient Israel’s political conduct from within was no less crucial in its downfalls than the pressures they faced from outside.
Inspired by a unique political legacy, and guided by deep suspicion toward human government, Israel failed sovereignty’s supreme test – self-defense in the face of foreign invasion. Why? What was ancient Israel’s political model, how was it ahead of its time and where did it fail?

Esther Voet, editor-in-chief of the NIW, will interview Amotz Asa-El, author of the Hebrew bestseller The Jewish March of Folly, a revolutionary history of the Jewish people’s leadership from antiquity to modernity.
A fellow at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Post’s senior commentator, Asa-El joined the Jerusalem Post in 1995 as its business editor, before serving as news editor, international-edition editor, and executive editor of the Jerusalem Post.
During these years Amotz asked himself repeatedly whether the Zionist enterprise brought an end to ancient Israel’s political mistakes, or resumed them. His answer will be the bottom line of the year-opening lecture at Crescas.

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